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    The darknet sites

    the darknet sites

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    The darknet sites

    The darknet sites какие сорта конопли для чего


    They can then be used to purchase items. The market is very secure. A security PIN too can be set for withdrawals. It also provides very transparent vendor-histories. So users can verify the legitimacy of a vendor before placing orders. World Market Mirrors:. Any of these drugs can be purchased using Cryptocurrencies obviously.

    The market does not allow direct purchases from external non-market wallets. All purchases must be made from the funds already deposited in the market wallet. It allows withdrawals as well. These withdrawals are charged at 2. Registration is not required simply for checking the products. The market is open for all. Accounts are strengthened using PGP based 2-factor authentication. A PIN exists as well, it helps protect funds and transactions even if your password is compromised!

    As the name suggests, most of its listings are related to Cannabis or plant-based drugs. Some of the categories include Weed, Hybrid, Sativa etc. In fact, it even sells vape pens as well as cartridges. Vendor details too are pretty transparent. E-status F. Offers one of the most filter-rich search panels. Specific vendors, payment cryptocurrencies, price-range etc. Payments are accepted both in Bitcoins as well as Monero. Scroll down for explanations. This is refundable when the account is closed in good standing.

    White House Market is probably the oldest of these darknet drug markets on this list. With over all-time user registrations, I doubt many would dispute that claim. It has a massive product stock of over items! It also has the biggest vendor-base on this list, with nearly active vendors! It also shows the total sales made for each individual listing! The market is also unique in the sense that it only accepts XMR for payment!

    Moreover, it also allows wallet-less payments! Hence, you can only access it after disabling JavaScript. It does accept independent sellers. Again, this keeps away scammers and provides a safer environment. It allows users to test, report and check product quality! Unique badges are awarded to vendors for passing these tests. The market itself is about 1. It has about listings in its various drug categories. Stimulants is the most product-rich drug category with over listings in the category.

    Steroids, RCs, Cannabis etc. It detects scam vendors and prevents them from scamming users. These make delivering for vendors and picking up orders for buyers a lot easier and secure. Anyone can sell drugs and other items on the market. Does accept both Bitcoin and Monero. Both the currencies must be deposited to the market wallet before making purchase. In fact, the drug category has more products than all the other categories combined! It only accepts Bitcoins for payments.

    Not being wallet-less, advance deposits are mandatory. Requires 2 confirmations for the deposit to be credited to user accounts. Fortunately, it does support multisig escrow. Very detailed vendor profiles are available. Total sales, disputes won vs. Even shows sales for each individual listing on the product page! The search-panel is pretty impressive. You can filter for shipping source and possible destinations, stock availability, escrow type, min-max price range, and even minimum vendor level!

    Registration is mandatory. A security PIN can be set for added account security. It is great at support! Also offers access to tickets and messages exchanged with vendors. You must enter your public PGP key although no verification is required. The user-interface is pretty professional though. Sellers are accepted. A deposit of 0. Does offer impressive security features though. However, it also supports multisig escrow which still is rare. The search panel allows filtering for a min-max price range, vendor level, and shipping source plus destination.

    It only accepts Bitcoins and requires 3 confirmations for successful deposits. However, it still shows the vendor level, no. This is a peculiar case. The market is actually one of the oldest on this list. Its total product stock is below The interface however is extremely basic, especially for a multi-vendor market. Does keep things simple though.

    Registration is mandatory to access the market. A PIN too can be set for withdrawals and other account changes. Deposits need to be made to the market wallet. Only accepts payments via Bitcoins. Onion URL: liberty6o7lubin4t2nzyebylmk4l4xfw6kk2o5xhg3fahqoatfiprqd. You must first register to enter the market. As of today, it has about items listed. Buyers must first deposit either Bitcoin or Monero to their Liberty Market wallets. The search panel does make things easier.

    E, payment cryptocurrency, shipping source and destination. There are a few geo-restrictions. However, these are mostly vendor-controlled. You can always switch vendors to avoid these restrictions. Multiple shipping modes are available and can be selected based on your budget and speed requirements. It does accept independent vendors. With over registered users, Torrez Market is one of the most popular dark web drug markets in existence.

    For starters, its arsenal of nearly products is one of the highest in the industry! Out of those listings, nearly items are in the drug category. To prevent scams, it displays detailed vendor histories. All of this discourages time-wasters and scammers from signing up. It accepts payments via 4 different Cryptocurrencies. Account PIN too is set during registration.

    This prevents hackers from stealing your funds even if your password is compromised. Finally, it does feature an advanced search feature. Filters include price-range, no. It again is a link directory , something identical to the Uncensored Hidden Wiki , but obviously it has its differences.

    It has a better user-interface and is slightly graphic rich for starters, the links too differ although its categories section on top helps you narrow things down. Unfortunately, quite a few results are duplicated from the same primary domain. It also has features for ads, URL-shortening, image and video searching etc. On the right-sidebar, it also sometimes shows a snippet just like Wikipedia displays for certain keywords.

    Do note that the video results redirect to its clearnet domain and video-service and may not be as anonymous as the onion counterpart. Website: xmh57jrzrnw6insl. There are ads on the homepage, on the search results and everywhere else. It does totally fit the bill when it comes to illegal search engines because its onion version fearlessly displays not only search results, but even ads which clearly are on the other side of the law.

    Website: hss3uro2hsxfogfq. Be fooled not by the simplicity that you witness in the above screenshot! Some of its advanced privacy features include user agent spoofing, a free list of IP addresses to choose from, cookie deletion etc. Even the logo is almost identical. The search-interface too is almost exactly alike Google. The title page, meta-description and URLs are displayed for each search.

    However, unlike Google, there are absolutely no ads. Only keyword queries are indexed. The database while not massively impressive, is acceptable. We did compare the no. It also has an option which lets anyone add their website s to the database. Do note that it may not be linked to the actual Google in any way. Website : 2fd6cemt4gmccflhm6imvdfvli3nf7zn6rfrwpsy7uhxrgbypvwf5fad.

    We love its simplicity and clean interface. For starters, there are absolutely no ads. All the searches are completely anonymous. The database is pretty impressive, especially considering that this illegal darknet search engine is just about 2 years old. The search-page is just as clean as the homepage. There are no cluttered metadescriptions either.

    The engine allows anyone to add their own URLs to its index. Accepts Bitcoins for the ad placements. Website: search7tdrcvri22rieiwgi5g46qnwsesvnubqav2xakhezv4hjzkkad. The homepage does display a dozen or so ad-banners. Each result shows the. Fortunately, duplicate results are blocked. You can keep scrolling down till you reach the last of these results.

    For starters, one of its co-founders Fred Cornell worked at Yahoo for 12 years. He even accepted private and personal information not being safe with those search engine giants. In other words, Oscobo takes the index and offers it to us in a much more privacy-respecting manner. Third, Oscobo was initially launched just for the UK. It being based in the UK means the laws there are a lot better than those in the U. S and your data is comparatively safer.

    The search engine is pretty straight-forward. You type your query, and get your results. The interface is strikingly similar to Google. There are absolutely no ads so far though. It also offers a standalone browser. The website did an impressive job when it comes to naming itself. Yes, it lets you search for Tor. It did a good job with the meta-descriptions.

    While most other similar sites display very confusing meta descriptions, Tor Search Engine only displays the shortest descriptions. The color-scheme resembles that of Google. It does display a few ads on the right sidebar.

    Ads can be bought as well. Websites can be added manually. Website: 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m. Website: haystakvxad7wbk5. Haystack has a tagline that reads — The Darknet search engine. And not just the tagline, it also has proved itself by indexing over 1. Even though it includes historical onion links which may be dead at the moment, it still counts as an achievement. Website: gjobqjj7wyczbqie. For e. The logo seems to be a Google knockoff; although unlike Google there are no ads, no sidebars, basically nothing except Green and Blue text over a Black background.

    Anyway, it displays onion results so I guess that satisfies what you came here for, search engine which searches and displays illegal search results, that about right? If you answered yes, well you just got your wish!

    Bottomline, you may stumble upon some golden nuggets over here which Google or other clearnet search engines might be devoid of. Or more precisely, Darknet Market products. MasterList Alpha is basically a Darknet site which is run by a group of buyers who have listed vendors and , individual product listings! It lists products, their vendors, ,and the name of the marketplace the product is being sold. The marketplace also has a left side-bar which lists a number of product categories just like on Darknet Markets.

    It auto-cleans all search history made by users after 30 minutes of the search. Or a period of time in history? Or something else? StartPage is literally and technically Google; just without the Google-spies trackers, cookies, data-collection bots etc.

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